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Connection is a term that refers to that which occurs when the Bodily Ego of the Physical Unit unites with the Spiritual Ego of your Highest Self, or some higher, or alternative, location within the Fabric of Consciousness.

Syncretic Terms

Christianity: Awakening, Rebirth, being Born Again, gaining entrance into The Garden, entrance into The Kingdom of God or entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, attainment of Christ Consciousness, Resurrection of Consciousness, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Descent of Consciousness, entry into the Holy of Holies.


The opposite of Connection is Disconnection.

Connection with The Fabric (i.e. Consciousness) is the ostensible and overt goal of Authentic Spirituality.

Connection with Consciousness is facilitated via proper Development of the Physical Unit, or via the use of Connection Supplements designed to overcome the psychological and emotional damage of Toxic Socialization by enabling controlled and metered reconnection.

Proper development of the physical unit includes a socialization process that teaches, encourages, and facilitates Right Action, Right Thought, and Right Environment.

Connection is thwarted by Wrong Thought, Disjuncture, and the psychological, emotional, and physical Pathology that arises as a result of Toxic Socialization.

The process of Connection may be visually represented with the Water Glass Metaphor.

Connections may be characterized along four axis, these being quality, intensity (see Consciousness Quotient, duration, and content (Sosteric, MCD).

An exploration of the neurological correlates of connection experiences is provided in Sosteric (S0A).

Mystical practice is the personal pursuit of connection.

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