Evolutionary Stages

Evolutionary Stages are the stages through which creation passes on its way to the generation of sentient life and the emergence of a planet's Pinnacle Species.

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Evolutionary Stages of The Great Work

Stage One (Intensification of Consciousness) - The creation of trillions of monads / First Birth

Stage Two (Expansion / Big Bang) - The big bang of physical creation. Monadic Consciousness enters into itself, at once birthing/causing, and simultaneously being born into, physical creation.

Stage Three (Coalescence) - The formation of solar systems and planets

Stage Four (Emergence)- The emergence of life on an individual planet.

Stage Five (Expansion)- The evolution of a planet's Pinnacle Species

Stage Six - (Healing and Reconnection) - Healing from the trauma of expansion. Reconnection of Spiritual Ego and Bodily Ego on a global scale. Our current stage. Armageddon End Times

Stage Seven (Graduation)- Integration into interplanetary systems. ETA, begins 2050.


Masonic creation story, six stages, modelled on Old Testatment. See section two of the Second Degree Tracing Board Lecture.[1]