Evolutionary Stages

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Evolutionary Stages are the seven stages through which creation passes on its way to the generation of sentient life, Pinnacle Species., and advanced World Systems

List of Evolutionary Stages

Evolutionary Stages > Stage Five, Stage Four, Stage One, Stage Seven, Stage Six, Stage Three, Stage Two

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Evolutionary Stages of The Great Work

Stage One (Intensification of Consciousness) - The creation of trillions of monads / First Birth

Stage Two (Expansion / Big Bang) - The big bang of physical creation. Monadic Consciousness enters into itself, at once birthing/causing, and simultaneously being born into, physical creation.

Stage Three (Coalescence) - The formation of solar systems and planets

Stage Four (Emergence)- The emergence of life on an individual planet.

Stage Five (Expansion)- The evolution of a planet's Pinnacle Species , an evolution which culminates in the development of an advanced World System.

Stage Six - (Healing and Reconnection) - Healing from the trauma of expansion. Reconnection of Spiritual Ego and Bodily Ego on a global scale. Our current stage. Armageddon End Times

Stage Seven (Graduation)- Graduation and Integration into interplanetary systems. ETA, begins 2040.


Masonic creation story, six stages, modelled on Old Testatment. See section two of the Second Degree Tracing Board Lecture.[1]