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Evolution is the Consciousness-directed process of creating worlds capable of full Connection and Graduation. According to LP Evolutionary Theory, a planet's evolution occurs in three stages: Stage one: emergence, Stage two: expansion, and Stage three: integration.


In the early stages, evolution occurs primarily as a process of environmentally driven mutation, survival-based selection of traits, and epigenetic adaptations.

In the early stages of evolution, Consciousness may impact the process. However, because of the absence of Sapient Life, early stage evolution is primarily Natural Evolution.

At a certain point in a planet's evolutionary, Sapient Life evolves. When sapient lifeforms evolve, these typically take control of the environment. At that point, it becomes possible to create environments and direct evolution. As a species gains expertise and control, Natural Evolution gives way to Social Evolution. Eventually, as the physical unit gains control of its environment, natural evolution declines and social evolution becomes the primary evolutionary driver.

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