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The Water Glass Metaphor is a visual metaphor used to describe the processes of re-Connection, as viewed from the perspective of the Physical Unit. The visualization shows water (i.e. Consciousness) filling the glass (i.e. the Physical Unit. The Water Glass Metaphor also functions as a visualization.


The Water Glass Metaphor is an ideal representation of the process of spiritual awakening/connection, and a perfect way to explain to children and adults the goal of human Development which is the expansion/Descent of Consciousness into the body.

At conception, a drop of Consciousness is poured into the physical container. The container is gradually filled throughout pregnancy until sufficient Consciousness can be contained in the body to allow for birth. At birth, the water glass is partially filled, but gradually, as the child matures into adulthood, the glass is filled. How high the glass is filled depends in large measure on a non-toxic process, and proper on ongoing satisfaction of the [[Seven Essential Needs].

Toxic/violent environments (i.e. Toxic Socialization diminish the capacity of the physical unit to contain/connect with Consciousness.

The highest levels of Consciousness can only be attained when social, political, economic, and psychological conditions support that attainment. Currently, conditions on this earth DO NOT support high levels of Consciousness in the body.

Further Reading

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