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The SpiritWiki was started back in 2003 by yours truly, Mike Sosteric, as a way to understand and explore the powerful "mystical experiences" (what I call Connection Experiences) that began occurring at that time. Initially, let's call it phase one, I basically used this SpiritWiki as an online scratch-pad where I jotted down the concepts and ideas I was developing as part of my "mystical" explorations. During phase one I read nothing on mystical or religious experience at all, choosing to work simply from the contents of my own mind. I did this partly because I found the things that I did read poorly conceived and often full and/or full of EPMO and partly because I wanted to see what would come of extended, focused "mystical" exploration.

Later on, in 2016, phase two began. At that point I began to organize the concepts in a more systematic manner, linking them together and developing hierarchies and so on. At that time my life partner began to work with me on developing the concepts and ideas related to Healing the Physical Unit (i.e. your physical body) of the trauma of Toxic Socialization so it can properly Connect with Highest Self. As I systematize and organize, we continue to add concepts and ideas to flesh out the conceptualizations provided here.

Finally, in November of 2018, development entered phase three which is the linking of the Lightning Path concepts recorded here with scholarly and popular external sources. Some of the linkages are provided in the Notes section of each SpiritWiki page, with additional linkages provided in the Discussion tab. As I gradually build up the "references" section of the site, we continue to work on adding concepts and refining hierarchies and linkages.

Some additional notes:

  • The SpiritWiki is an online theoretical/scholarly work in progress. At this time all entries should be considered draft and subject to revision.
  • The SpiritWiki is organized as a contained hypertext memex (Bush, 1945) of concepts and ideas.
  • To use the SpiritWiki like a textbook, visit the Main Page page and browse.
  • SpiritWiki concepts are categorized. The Lightning Path category contains all original concepts, and all concepts significantly modified to "fit" into the LP conceptualizations. The Terms category includes all LP concepts, and all externally sourced concepts linked to LP Concepts.

If you have questions about the SpiritWiki, email spiritwiki @

Citation and Legal

Treat this Wiki like an online monograph or textbook. Many of the concepts and ideas presented here are either wholly original (e.g., Fabric of Consciousness), or the definitions are significantly enhanced over their old energy counterparts. You can freely use information in this SpiritWiki, but citation or direct linking are required.


At this time, the SpiritWiki is closed to external contribution. Once the the SpiritWiki is relatively complete and organized, we will open it up to external scholarly contributions. If you'd like to suggest a mystical or scholarly work for inclusion, email spiritwiki @