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The SpiritWiki began way back in 2007 as a sort of scholarly notebook where I could figure out, work through, and sort all the information I gleaned from my many early Connection Experiences[1] Since then it has developed into a research resource that I use to organize my thinking and finally as the integrating hub that links the Lightning Path together.

The SpiritWiki is a continually evolving theoretical/scholarly relational "work in progress." At this time, most entries should be considered draft and subject to revision.

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Each SpiritWiki entry is structured into several sections, a mandatory definition and one or more optional sections, listed below.

  • Definition: The definition section provides the canonical definition of a term.
  • Terms: The terms section is included when incorporating external schools of thought. See for example Zoroastrianism. The terms section includes a link to all Zoroastrian terms, like Vohu Manah, included in the SpiritWiki
  • Syncretic Terms: Syncretic terms are a) terms from other traditions and schools or b) terms from within the LP corpus, that mean the same or close to the same thing as the LP term. Thus the terms soul, higher self, and atman are syncretic (mean approximately the same thing) as the LP term Spiritual Ego. Syncretic terms are also relational terms. They show how a concept or idea like "spiritual ego" is manifested in different land and social contexts.
  • Related LP Terms: Related LP terms are terms from the LP corpus that are closely related to the current term. For example, the entry for Spiritual Ego lists several LP related terms, like Bodily Ego, Monadic Intensification, and Physical Unit.
  • Non-LP Related Terms: Non-LP related terms are related terms from outside the LP system.
  • Notes, which is a section that includes commentary, links to research, and anything else that might facilitate consideration and deepen understanding,
  • Footnotes, citations and notes from the entry
  • References, a complete listing of all books, journals, web pages cited in the SpiritWiki. There as evidence of the effort put into grounding.
  • Sometimes other sections are included.


Note that the SpiritWiki uses MediaWiki software and the Semantic Mediawiki extension to facilitate easy semantic linking and updating.

Citation and Legal

Treat this resource like an online monograph or textbook. You can freely use information in this SpiritWiki, but acknowledgement (citation, direct linking, etc.) are required.


  1. Read all about it here Sosteric, Mike. Connection 100 – An Auto-Ethnography of My (Mystical) Connection Experiences.” Religions 13, no. 10 (2022). https://doi.org/10.3390/rel13100993 https://www.academia.edu/50970462

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