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The More-Than-Human (MTHB) is an entity or force that exists outside of and beyond the control of human bodies.[1][2]

List of MTHBs

More-Than-Human Beings > Antiguas, Grandfather, Grandmother, Inner Radar, Little People, Rai, Vu, Zidqhmy

Syncretic Terms

More-Than-Human >

Related LP Terms

More-Than-Human > Guide Network

Non-LP Related Terms

More-Than-Human >


In Indigenous worldviews, MTHB's include various animal and nature spirits, beings from another planet, and even the coordinated consciousness of hills, caves, springs, and forests.[3]

In LP terms, a MTH Being is a Spiritual Ego (a spark of Monadic Consciousness) not expressing through a human Physical Unit.

MTHB's often function as members of an individual's Guide Network


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