The Great Message

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The Great Message is a prophetic vision, set in 130 sections, of Seneca prophet Handsome Lake.[1] It is a collection of spiritual, psychological, emotional, and sociological teachings, part of the Code of Handsome Lake. It is, in LP terms, a healing and connection manual provided, presumably, to help a devastated and colonized people heal, atone, align, and reconnect.

Haudenosaunee Terms

Haudenosaunee > Handsome Lake, Ka'nikonhrÌ:io, The Great Message


A fascinating spiritual book full of ageless and contextual wisdom. It should be read with an awareness of the psychologically, emotionally, and destructive impact of European colonization, as a spiritual and cultural attempt to overcome the profound devastation. Also contains some interesting prophecies, and may provide evidence that Seneca beliefs have been corrupted by Zoroastrian Archetypal Nodes

Contains a wealth of aphorisms geared towards the established of aligned Right Thought, Right Action, and Right Environment.



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