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Right Environment is an environment that supports Healing and Connection. Right environments provide for the satisfaction of the Seven Essential Needs. Right environments are calm, safe places where you find love, truth, understanding, and which encourage Alignment and Connection


Right environments are important for both Healing and Connection. One cannot heal nor connect when coping with a toxic environment.

In general, right environments are "sufficient." That is, right environments provide for all physical, psychological, social, intellectual, and emotional needs. Specifically, right environments are loving, nurturing, violence-free, stress-free, competition-free, and pain-free.

Because most environments are toxic, right environment often requires the establishment of a cocoon, where we keep toxicity away.

Right environment is one of a series of considerations (the others being Right Thought and Right Action) that, when taken together, provide the foundations and factors required to ensure healthy development of the physical unit as powerful and fully enabled/connected vehicle/temple of higher Consciousness.

Taken together, Right Environment, Right Thought, and Right Action constitute the LPs Alignment Rule set

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