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We are all damaged by Toxic Socialization to one extent or another. The LP HEALING FrameworkTM is a framework designed to guide the healing and (eventually) connection process. HEALING is an acronym that stands for "Help," "Environment," "Addiction," "Lies," "Indoctrination," Needs," and "Growth." An individual seeking to heal needs to reflect, focus, and act on each of the seven HEALING points in order that they properly protect, treat, and clean (PTC) the wound (Sosteric, BOOK2).


The LP HEALING Framework is elaborated in Lighting Path Workbook Two: Healing [1].

The LP HEALING Framework is not a therapy. It is a guidebook for self-directed healing practice.

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Sosteric, Mike and Ratkovic, Gina (2019,BOOK2). Lightning Path Workbook Two: Healing. Lightning Path Press. [2]

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