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Sufism is a Connection Practice that emerges from Islam and the Koran.

Related and Syncretic Terms

Connection Practice > Detachment, Drumming, Fasting, Great Invocation, Holotropic Breathwork, Hypnotism, Hypoventilation, Intent to Connect, Meditation, Mental Purification, Mysticism of the Historical Event, Receptive Seeking, Relaxation, Sufism, The Way of the Hollow Bone, Writing, Zazen


"...their fundamental tenets are, that nothing exists absolutely but GOD: that the human soul is an emanation from his essence, and, though divided for a time from its heavenly source, will be finally re-united with it; that the highest possible happiness will arise from its re-union, and that the chief good of mankind, in this transitory world, consists in as perfect a union with the Eternal Spirit as the incumbrances of a mortal frame will allow;that, for this purpose, they should break all connexion (or taalluk,as they call it), with extrinsic objects, and pass through life without attachments, as a swimmer in the ocean strikes freely without the impediment of clothes." [1]

"In treading the Path, the Sufi ascends until perfection is reached, and in the perfect sain, God and [individual ego] become one again. Abd Al-Kaim Jili [2]

"The Sufi is he who aims, from the first, at reaching God, the Creative Truth. Until he has found what he sought, he takes no est, nor does he give heed to any person. For They sake I haste over land and water: over the plain I pass and the mountain I cleave and from everything I meet I turn my face, until the time when I reach that place where I am alone with Thee." Husayn B. Mansu Al-Hallaj [3]


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