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A Connection Supplement is a substance that facilitates stronger connection to Consciousness. Connection supplements include supplements like Cannabis, DMT, LSD, Ketamine, MDMA, and so on.

Connection supplements vary in intensity of connection and duration of effect.


Regarding intensity and duration, LSD has high intensity and long duration, while cannabis has lower intensity and lower duration. Note that there is a considerable difference in duration between cannabis that is inhaled and cannabis that is ingested. When inhaled, duration is typically 90 minutes. When ingested, duration is approximately six hours.

In general, guidance from experienced and authentic new energy guides is recommended, especially when attempting connection with more intense substances.

To achieve successful, grounded, aligned, non-paranoid, fear-less connection, it is important to establish Right Thought, Right Environment, and Right Action. Lightning Path materials, and in particular the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System, are designed to help establish these 3Rs.

Where legal in your area, connection supplements may be used to good effect in psychological, emotional healing programs (Sharp, LPBOOKI)

Neurology is not well understood at this time, but it appears that connection is facilitated via suppression of the Default Mode Network (Sosteric, SOA) and activation of unused neural pathways.

In regards to cannabis, the cannabinoid receptors (CB1) are located throughout the body, in the brain, liver, lungs fat cells, uterus, and sperm!. When either endogenous or exogenous cannabinoids are present, these bind to the receptors and trigger a "cornucopia" of chemical signals. See also this. Cannabis is thus likely involved in more than just the facilitation of connection.

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