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Connection Preparation refers to any work you to do to prepare your spaces and your body, specifically your Bodily Ego, to handle, in a safe and grounded fashion, strong and permanent connection.[1] Connection preparation includes creating calm, relaxing, clean, quiet, safe, aesthetically pleasing spaces where you can practice connection (like creating a Connection Cocoon). Connection preparation also includes any work you do to heal your bodily ego of any trauma it has experienced as a consequence of growing up in toxic families and toxic societies. Finally, connection preparation includes any cognitive (like reading books, doing research) and emotional work (learning to regulate your emotions) you do to prepare your bodily ego for stronger and more persistent connection.

The 3Ps of Connection Practice

3Ps of Connection Practice > Connection Preparation, Connection Procedure, Connection Processing, Filter Tuning

Syncretic Terms

Connection Preparation >

Related LP Terms

Connection Preparation > Connection Cocoon, Connection Technique, Healing Burden

Non-LP Related Terms

Connection Preparation > Set and Setting


Connection Preparation consists is one of the 3Ps of Connection Practice, the others being Connection Preparation and Connection Processing.

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