Majdhūb is an Islamic term for an individual for an individual who has experienced Jadhb and become "deranged in a benign way...from an overpowering perception of Divine Reality"[1] (i.e., an overpowering Connection Experience"

Types of Connection Pathology

Communication Error, Connection Catastrophe, Constricted Connection, Double-N Mysticism, Ego Inflation, Egoic Bloating, Egoic Collapse, Egoic Explosion, Flooding, Gurutitus, Jadhb, Learned Helplessness, Majdhub, Spiritual Megalomania, Spiritual Psychosis

Related Terms

Majdub > Jadhb


The spiritual person whose mental faculties are paralyzed or confused by the effect of the Divine attraction. So-called “fools in God." Those incapable of expressing their spiritual state and gnosis in an intelligible way, possibly due to psychological or emotional impairment caused by Toxic Socialization


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