Perfect Connection

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A Perfect Connect is a permanently open, perfectly controlled, perfectly calm Connection to one's own Spiritual Ego, or to some other location within The Fabric.

Syncretic Terms

Perfect Connection > Perfect Contemplation

Related LP Terms

Perfect Connection > Perfected Connection, Perfection

Non-LP Related Terms

Perfect Connection >



Maria Sabina, a Mazatac Wise One/Shaman, after many years of connection practice, claims perfection. "I had attained perfection. I was no longer a simple apprentice. For that, as a prize, as a nomination, the Book had been granted me. When one takes the saint children, one can see the Principal Ones. Otherwise not.[1]

"In treading the Path, the Sufi ascends until perfection is reached, and in the perfect sain, God and [individual ego] become one again. Abd Al-Kaim Jili [2]

The "perfect man" is a concept in Islam referring to someone who has "purified" the self from ailments, complexes, ignorance, deviations, etc. [3]


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