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A Connection Experience is a a Connection Event commonly referred to as a Mystical Experience. A Connection Experience is any experience of Connection sufficiently above one's average daily CQ as to be perceived, by the individual, as a qualitatively different state of awareness/consciousness/being.

Syncretic Terms

Connection Experience > Mystical Experience, Peak Experience

Connection | Connection Event | Mystical Experience | Spiritual Experience | Peak Experience | Pure Consciousness Event | Religious Experience | Union (i.e. Union with God)

List of Connection Events

Awakening Event, Clearing Experience, Completion Experience, Connection Experience, Dream Event, Forced Connection, Glimpse, Initiation, Intuitive Glimmering


Mystical experiences may be positive (i.e. zenith experiences) or negative (i.e. nadir experiences). Whether or not a mystical experience is a zenith experience or a nadir experience depends in large measure on how the individual receives the revelation/expansion/insight from the experience. Even very glorious truths and insights can be experienced with terror if the physical unit is unprepared or if the thinking processes have been corrupted by indoctrination and Toxic Socialization.

Further Reading

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