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Transformation is a sudden and relatively permanent change of perception and behaviour, caused by an individual's Connection Experience. When transformation occurs, an individual experiences significant "forward movement" towards a healthier Physical Unit, and stronger and more persistent Connection.

Syncretic Terms

Transformation > Quantum Change, Transformational Change


Karl Hanes reports an individual who experiences a "sudden change in behaviour and perception" and a "new level of consciousness."[1]

Transformation is the direct result of a dramatic, intense, but often short-lived, Connection Event. Transformation is driven by an Awakening or Initiation both of which may include personal insight, political insight, spiritual insight (nature of Self, relationship to God, etc.), and other "revelations" that lead to a significant shift in the way an individual sees, and exists in, the world.


  1. Hanes, Karl. “Unusual Phenomena Associated With a Transcendent Human Experience: A Case Study.” The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology 44, no. 1 (2012): 33.
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