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The Lightning Path (LP) is a sophisticated, modern, authentic, system of human development and human spirituality that helps you awaken to the realities around you and activate your personal power so that you can ascend to a higher level of function, awareness, and consciousness.


The Lightning Path was created by Mike Sosteric and his partner Gina. It is a blending of direct mystical experience, modern science, and practical healing experience.

Lightning is a ubiquitous spiritual symbol. In Vedic literature, Indra is the god of lightning, storms, rains, and river flows. Indra wields vajra (वज्र), which is the Sanskrit word for thunderbolt and diamond. Indra is a cleansing god who destroys Vritra, who obstructs human prosperity and happiness through lies and deception. Indra kills sinners and ignorant persons using the vajra (RigVeda 2.12). The vajra is a weapon/ritual object that symbolizes indestructibility (diamond) and power/force (thunderbolt). The vajra sounds similar to Thor's hammer.

Islam considers the Right Path a path of lightning.

On the Cabbalistic Tree of Life, lightning is said to travel a zigzag path down the tree of Kether to Malkuth. In this case, lightning represents the intent/will of God as it emanates down the vibratory levels of existence until it exits/manifests the material world, a.k.a. Malkuth/The Kingdom (Sharp, BOLIFE).

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