Three Poisons

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In Zen Buddhism, The three poisons (or the three unwholesome roots in Buddhism) refer to the three root causes of delusion and ignorance/confusion, greed, and anger/hatred (aversion).[1] The three poisons are three Connection Obstacles that interfere with and block stronger Connection.

List of Connection Obstacles

Connection Obstacles > Egotism, Fear, Hypocrisy, Interference, Passion, Resentment, Three Poisons, Toxic Attachment, Undisciplined Mind


Along with the three poisons go three wholesome qualities, which are amoha (non-delusion)/prajna (wisdom), alobha (non-attachment) or daana (generosity), and advesa (non hatred) or mettaa (loving-kindness).

The three wholesome qualities may be a considered a subset of the LP Connection Framework, specifically the Alignment Rule Set which species, in broad terms, actions, thoughts, and environments which are in alignment with, and conducive of Connection.


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