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A Clearing Experience is a special type of Connection Experience that leads to an abrupt and dramatic "clearing" of an emotional, intellectual, psychological, or spiritual blockage(s). A clearing experience typically results immediately in improved insight, understanding, health, well-being, and connection.

Connection Types

Activation Experience, Aesthetic Experience, Ascension Experience, Awakening Experience, Clearing Experience, Completion Experience, Deep Flow, Diminutive Experience, Dream Experience, Flow Experience, Forced Connection, Healing Experience, Intuitive Glimmering, Nadir Experience, Push Experience, Restorative Experience, Union Experience, Unity Experience

Syncretic Terms

Clearing Experience > Breakthrough Experience


Like the Connection Experience of which they are a subset, clearing experiences may be positive (a beautiful Zenith Experience) or negative (Nadir Experience).

Martin Bidney [1] recounts the Clearning Experience of Dostoevsky whereby he was released of all hatred and anger.

William White recounts the clearing experience of Mary Mann, the "first women to recover successfully within Alcoholics Anonymous..."

Marty Mann (1904–1980) was undergoing treatment for alcoholism when an incident occurred that enraged her. While in this state, her eyes fell upon an opened prepublication copy of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, where she saw the words “We cannot live with anger.” The next thing Mann recalls is being on her knees crying and praying. She arose knowing she was a different person, that she was “totally and completely free.” She became the first women to recover successfully within Alcoholics Anonymous, and, in 1944, founded the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism. Mann became a central figure in the modern alcoholism movement and one of America’s most successful public-health reformers. [2]

White uses the term Breakthrough Experience in the context of his discussion of Transformational Change to describe the clearing experience. "There is a perception of truth, a reconciliation of conflicting ideas and emotions, and a new sense of order and beauty so complete as to form a passage from one identity to another." [3]

Further Reading

Sosteric, Mike (SOA1). The Science of Ascension: Mysticism, Consciousness, Connection. Unpublished Manuscript.


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