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Activation is an outcome of connection. Activation is the fifth focus point in the Lightning Path Connection Framework. Activation occurs when an individual, or a collective, embraces creative power, reactivates their body's chakra energy systems, and becomes active, empowered and creative change agents in the world.

LP Connection Framework Focus Points

LP Connection Framework > Accountability, Activation, Alignment, Ascension, Atonement, Awakening

Syncretic Terms

Activation > Action

Related LP Terms

Activation > Activation Challenge, Activation Experience, Authentic Spirituality, Connection Outcome, Connection Pathology, Connection Supplement, LP Connection Framework, Power Archetype, The Work, Zenith Experience

Non-LP Related Terms

Activation > Power Quest


Activation, as in an individual's emergence as an active change agent, is often noted and commented on by individuals who research connection and authentic spirituality, or who experience authentic connection events.

Julian Price notes that the spiritual rituals of the Sioux nation are not aimed at the invocation of faith alone, but generally invoke action as well.[1] "Traditions surrounding the Thunder Spirits express a desire for dynamic action...and generally dispense with hierarchy of any kind.[2]

William White points to the biographies of individuals like Handsome Lake, Bill Wilson, and Malcolm X, all of whom had powerful connection experiences, and all of whom became active change agents after their experience, trying to motivate, heal, and transform others[3]

Within Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood[4] inspired Sahwa movement.[5]

One of the key components of the Alcoholics Anonymous framework for cure and recovery is "vigorous action", activation and empowerment, both in "strenuous effort to face, and to be rid of, the things in ourselves which had been blocking us...." and also action to help others achieve insight and cure. [6]

Under healthy global and social conditions (i.e. conditions filled with love, support, prosperity, grace, and guidance), activation occurs as a normal and safe part of the human development process.

Activation also refers to Chakra and Kundalini Activation. An individual who has chakras and kundalini activated is an activated and empowered creative force.

Activation occurs first at the individual level, then at the collective level, and finally at the planetary level. The global activation process is visually illustrated in the Great Invocation meditation/visualization.

Current planetary conditions are not healthy. Currently, we live with a Toxic Socialization process designed to prevent activation and prop up a destructive and venal System. The toxic socialization process is designed to suppress Consciousness (i.e. lower Consciousness Quotient) and distort and destroy the energy systems of the body in order to prevent activation. Therefore under current conditions activation often requires conscious, and possibly therapeutic, intervention.

Wiccan pathbreaker Starhawk emphasizes the progressive, political, active aspects of Wicca, leading her to nonviolent direct actions to protest nuclear power, nuclear weapons, imperialism, and patriarchy. [7]

Pally [8] notes, of American New Evangelicals, that there is a component of active, get out there and change things, in their spirituality because they recognize that "Jesus was...a new society builder....Immanent as well as transcendent, he had this-worldly intent to model a new way of living in the polis. In this, he was political...."

"We cannot lightly pass over the spiritual service of mystics. Far from being the unpractical, dreamy persons they are too often conceived to have been, they have weathered storms, endured conflicts, and lived through water-spouts which would have overwhelmed souls whose anchor did not reach beyond the veil. They have discovered an inner refuge, where they enjoy the truce of God, even amid the din of the world's warfare. They have led great reforms, championed movements of great moment to humanity, and they have saved Christianity - from being submerged under scholastic formalism and ecclesiastical systems, which were alien to man's essential nature and need. They have been spiritual leaders, they are the persons who shifted the levels of life for the race. 1 They have been able to render these services because they felt themselves allied inwardly with a larger personal Power than themselves, and they have been aware that they were in immediate correspondence with Some One—a Holy Spirit, a Great Companion—who was working with them and through them. This furtherance of life by incoming energy, the heightening of power by correspondence with what seems to be God, is, however, by no means confined to a few chosen spirits and rare geniuses; it is a wide spread fact to be reckoned with everywhere. There are multitudes of men and women in out-of-the-way places, in backwoods towns, and on uneventful farms, who are the salt of the earth and the light of the world in their communities, because they have had experiences which revealed to them Realities which their neighbours missed, and powers to live by which the mere " church-goers " failed to find."[9]

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