Highest Self

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The concept Highest Self refers to your Spiritual Ego, your spirit/soul if you like, or your "internal sun," if you prefer.

Your Highest Self is that part of You that is eternal, compassionate, light-filled, and divine.


Facilitating strong and persistent Connection' and (where the Physical Unit has been damaged by Toxic Socialization) [Reconnection]] to Highest Self is the primary goal of the Lightning Path.

Other LP terms, Spiritual Ego, Resident Monadic Self.

Equivalent Terms

Atman (आत्मन्) / parAtman परात्मन्, Augoeides, Holy Spirit, Intensification of Consciousness, Monad, Monadic Intensification, Ohr, Resident Monadic Consciousness, Self, spirit, Super Ego, immortal spirit, Spiritual Ego, Soul, Inner-Self, Higher Self, True Self, etc.

Further Reading

Joyful archetype, from the [[TOSAS].