Highest Self

The concept Highest Self refers to your real Self or true Self (a.k.a. your Spiritual Ego or Soul). It is that part of you which is immortal, and that exists independent of your Physical Unit.

Syncretic Terms

Spiritual Ego > Angel, Atman, Augoeides, Brahman, Bright Light, Buddha Nature, Deep Self, Divine Ego, Father in Heaven, Genuine Self, God Self, Great Self, Guardian Angel, Higher Genius, Higher Self, Highest Self, Holy Spirit, Immortal Spirit, Inner Self, Inner-Self, Intensification of Consciousness, La, Monad, Monadic Intensification, Ohr, Original Face, Real Ego, Real Self, Resident Monadic Consciousness, Saug, Self, Soul, Spirit, Super Ego, Supreme Self, The Knower, The Witness, Transcendental Self, True Self, Unconsciousness, Universal Being, Universal Deity, Universal Self, Vohu Manah

Related Terms

Bodily Ego, Fabric of Consciousness, The Sun


Your Highest Self is that part of You that is eternal, compassionate, light-filled, and divine.

Facilitating strong and persistent Connection with your Highest Self, or where the Physical Unit has been damaged by Toxic Socialization Reconnection to Highest Self, is the primary goal of Authentic Spirituality and the Lightning Path.

Further Reading

The HS is visually represented in the Joyful Archetype, from the TOSAS.