LP Stages of Attainment

The LP Stages of Attainment are the five stages of Spiritual Attainment one may achieve while walking an authentic spiritual path.


Different spiritual systems, and different commentators, theorize a cornucopia of different schemata.

The LP Stages

  • Chela - One who has begun to question.
  • Initiate - One who has begun to purify.
  • Adept - One who has begun to understand.
  • Master or Magi - One who has begun to know, particularly through direct and pure Connection Experience.
  • Avatar - One who has begun to teach.

Movement up the stage is accompanied by gradually increasing CQ

It should be clearly understood that these stages do not refer to the condition or quality of the Resident Monadic Consciousness but the extent to which the physical, neurological, and conceptual apparatus of the Physical Unit has matured/purified/healed enough to allow significant inflows of Consciousness. Thus these are a measure of the extent to which The Vessel has been prepared and higher consciousness has settled into the Physical Unit.

It should be noted that the mere influx of consciousness is insufficient to assess one's "level." High levels of Awakening can be associated with confusion, disorientation, and even madness, especially when Awakening occurs without proper guidance.

It should be noted that proper maturation of the Physical Unit depends not only on the individual's own efforts, but the efforts of those around him, from parents, through schools, media, government, to society. Proper nutrition, a loving, nurturing, and stimulating environment, are pre-requisites that not only enable healthy and strong maturation of the Physical Unit but also its full Awakening, Activation, and Ascension.

It should be noted that it is the job of all healers to assist with healing the Physical Unit when, because of toxic local, social, and global conditions, injuries have resulted, scars have been formed, chakra flows have been stunted, and proper maturation has therefore not been completed. Short of the death of an individual physical unit, healing of that unit is always possible.

Finally, we may add a fifth stage of awakening, that of the Avatar, to represent those who attain full mastery, but then go on to further study and training enabling them to teach the spiritual arts and sciences to a veiled and hostile world such as this one.

There are two basic categorizations of attainment in Buddhism "...the ordinary person, called “the uninstructed worldling” (assutavā puthujjana), and the wise follower of the Buddha, called the “instructed noble disciple” (sutavā ariyasāvaka).[1] According to Budda, these two classes of people react differently to the things of the world.


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