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Spiritual Ego is the sense of identity contained within Spiritual Consciousness. Spiritual Ego is the sense you have of independent conscious existence. Technically, spiritual ego refers to the integrated combination of identity (I), perspective (eye) and will (Sharp, 2007) that arises as a result of an Intensification with the Fabric of Consciousness. Formally, we may define Spiritual Ego as

Spiritual Ego = I + Eye + Will

In this formula, I is the sense of identity, 'Eye' is perspective (our "view" of things), and Will is sense of power and efficacy we naturally have as intensifications of divine Consciousness. At the point where Consciousness becomes self aware of it's independent existence, perspective, and will, AM, spiritual ego can be said to exist.

It is important to note that intensification to the point of egoic awareness does not entail any technical separation from the Fabric of Consciousness. An intensification, a monadic spark remains fundamentally embedded within the Fabric of Consciousness. However, a practical separation from the Fabric of Consciousness is attained at the point of intensification when a "boundary" between the "I" and the rest of the fabric is instantiated. As long as the boundary is maintained, the intensification may be classed a spiritual ego. Without the boundary, ego merges into the Fabric of Consciousness and identity is lost.

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