Gurutitus is the pathological inflammation of the Bodily Ego caused by the incorrect personal presumption of spiritual advancement, coupled with social acceptance of this presumption, coupled with a badly damaged Bodily Ego. A person with gurutitus believes they are spiritually advanced and have convinced others they are spiritually advanced, but their hyper-inflated ego belies their advancement.

List of Connection Pathologies

Connection Pathology > Communication Error, Connection Catastrophe, Constricted Connection, Double-N Mysticism, Ego Inflation, Egoic Bloating, Egoic Collapse, Egoic Explosion, Flooding, Gurutitus, Learned Helplessness, Spiritual Megalomania


Guruitus may arise as a consequence of Wrong Thought, especially thoughts that emphasize hierarchy, privilege, and one's "chosen" status.

Gurutitus usually occurs following a powerful Connection Experience or two, rarely any more. The connection experience pathologically inflates an Bodily Ego whose needs have been thwarted, and that is damaged by, Toxic Socialization. Thus, it may be classified as a Connection Pathology.

Note, Connection is not always a precursor to the development of Gurutitus. Even individual without any history of significant Connection can fake spiritual knowledge if they find an audience naive and damaged enough to believe them.

Example, Osho, many evangelists, anyone who believes they are superior to the people they teach and otherwise elevate themselves relative to the students, chelas, faithful, followers they encourage to attend them.