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Connection Axes are aspects of a Connection Experience upon which an individual may evaluate and categorize a connection experience. The LP identifies five connection axes, these being quality, intensity duration, content, and outcome.

Connection Axis

Connection Axes > Connection Content, Connection Duration, Connection Intensity, Connection Outcome, Connection Quality


Connection quality refers to the general emotional tone of the CE. Quality may either be positive and uplifting, which is identified as a Zenith Experience, or negative and frightening, in which case it is a Nadir Experience.

Connection intensity refers to the intensity of the connection to consciousness. Connection intensity ranges from subtle and weak to transformative, enlightening, and overpowering.

Connection duration refers to the duration of the CE. The duration may range from only a second or two to several hours.

Connection content refers to the emotional and intellectual content of the experience. Content may be personal, social, political, economic, or even cosmic.

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