Initiation Experience

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An Initiation Experience is a moderate to powerful Connection Event, usually a Zenith Experience, that leads to dramatic insight, personal shifting, and increased motivation to Move Forward.

List of LP Connection Experience Types

Connection Experiences > Activation Experience, Aesthetic Experience, Birth Experience, Clearing Experience, Completion Experience, Death Experience, Deep Flow, Diminutive Experience, Dream Experience, Flow Experience, Forced Connection, Healing Experience, Nadir Experience, Peak Experience, Plateau Experience, Push Experience, Rebirth Experience, Restorative Experience, Union Experience, Unity Experience, Zenith Experience


Initiations (i.e., moderate to powerful connection experiences) often (though not always) lead to

  • significant behavioural change
  • significant change in values
  • significant improvements in health and well being
  • significant expansion of intelligence, awareness,and insight.
  • significant increases in identity and presence

Initiation is the "initiation" of a process of spiritual growth and maturation whereby an individual pursues, with more or less conscious awareness, The Work of healing, connection, and integration which leads to perfection -- i.e. strong, pure, and persistant connection.

Initiation is represented in the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System by the Initiation Archetype.

Initiation refers to the removal of The Blindfold, the activation of dormant genetic transcriptions, the climb out of darkness (i.e. delusion, self-delusion, and Maya), and the subsequent awakening, activation, and ascension of the physical unit and the physical World.