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Authentic Spirituality is spirituality that encourages, supports, and facilitates Connection.


Authentic spirituality is spirituality that provides archetypes, concepts, guidance, and training that leads to authentic and real Connection with The Fabric of Consciousness

Authentic spirituality honors human needs and encourages effective and empowering connection strategies.

Authentic spirituality teaches Right Thought, Right Environment, and Right Action.

Authentic spirituality makes a difference, not within the extended time frames of Old World Spirituality(i.e. years, decades, and lifetimes), but within short, workable, and verifiable time frames of days, weeks, and months. In other words, techniques and principles provided by an authentic spirituality will have immediate and discernible positive (over the short, medium, and long term) impact.

Syncretic Terms

Authentic Spirituality, The Path, the Right Path

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Further Reading

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