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A Connection Pathology is a pathological outcome that arises when an individual who is unprepared and/or emotionally/mentally ill makes a strong connection physical. The connection "short circuits" their neurological systems, thereby causing psychopathology.

Types of Connection Pathology

Constricted Connection, Gurutitus

Types of connection pathology: Egoic Explosion, Egoic Collapse/Schizophrenia, Double-N Mysticism, Spiritual Megalomania, Self destruction


Wrong Thought, Wrong Action, and Wrong Environment all increase the probability of the development of connection pathology. Right Thought, Right Action, and Right Environment increase the odds of healthy connection.

Toxic Socialization sows wrong thought, creates wrong environments, encourages wrong action, and damages the Bodily Ego thereby undermining healthy human development, weakens the physical unit, and increases the odds of the development of connection pathology.

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