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Connection occurs when your Bodily Ego unites, even if only briefly, with your own Spiritual Ego, or some other monadic location within the Fabric of Consciousness.[1] [2] Connection is the ostensible goal of Authentic Spirituality, and the explicit purpose of the Lightning Path.

Syncretic Terms

Connection > Altered State of Consciousness, Channeling, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Divine Marriage, Divine Union, Drawing Down the Moon, It, Lightning Strike, Mystical Experience, Mysticism, Perfect Contemplation, Shamanic State of Consciousness, Spiritual Marriage, The Dreaming, The Unity, Trance, Union, Union with Reality

Related Terms

Connection > Attainment, Authentic Spirituality, Automobile Metaphor, Big Bang Theory of Connection, Bodily Ego, Connected One, Connection, Connection Life Coach, Connection Manual, Connection Outcome, Connection Pathology, Connection Practice, Connection Supplement, Connection Technique, Connection Therapy, Connection Triggers, Consciousness Quotient, Disconnection, Fear, Grounding, Highest Self, Holy Grail, Home, Human Development, Initiate, Lighting Path Workbooks, Lightning Path Connection Practice, Permanent Connection, Power Archetype, Spirit Guide, Spiritual Ego, The Flow, Water Glass Metaphor, Water Glass Visualization

Physical Unit > Bodily Ego, Connection, Default Mode Network, Highest Self, Seven Essential Needs, Spiritual Ego, The Blindfold, Toxic Socialization

List of LP Connection Experience Types

Connection Experiences > Activation Experience, Aesthetic Experience, Ascension Experience, Awakening Experience, Birth Experience, Clearing Experience, Completion Experience, Death Experience, Deep Flow, Diminutive Experience, Dream Experience, Flow Experience, Forced Connection, Healing Experience, Intuitive Glimmering, Nadir Experience, Peak Experience, Plateau Experience, Push Experience, Rebirth Experience, Restorative Experience, Union Experience, Unity Experience, Zenith Experience

LP Categorization

Process: Connection, Awakening, Activation, Ascension, Triumph of Spirit (i.e. union)

Foundation: Accountability, Atonement, Alignment

List of Connection Outcomes

Connection Outcomes > Absolute Sensation, Activation, Alignment, Altered State of Consciousness, Ascension, Awakening, Beatific Vision, Bodhisattva, Breakthrough, Buddha Mind, Center, Christ Consciousness, Clarification of Consciousness, Clarity, Consciousness of Presence, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Religious Feeling, Daigo, Dark Night of the Soul, Direct Mental Interaction With Living Systems, Dissonance, Déjà vu, ESP, Ecstasy, Egoic Collapse, Egoic Explosion, Emotional Cleansing, Emotional Satisfaction, Enhanced Creativity, Enhanced Intellectual Function, Enhanced Psychological Function, Enlightenment, Epiphany, Existential Terrors, Expansion of Meaning, Experience of Admixture, Feeling of Immortality, Flooding, Gifts of the Spirit, Glimpse, Gnosis, Healing, Improved Relationships, Insight, Intramonadic Communication, Kensho, Language, Liberation, Love, MEPF, Mahabbah, Meanification, Moksha, Moral Quickening, Morality, Mushi-dokugo, Noesis, Past Life Memories, Perfect Contemplation, Perfection, Permanent Connection, Physical Sensations, Piercing The Veil, Positive Affect, Power over the Material World, Psychotic Mysticism, Quantum Change, Rapture, Realization of Immortality, Realization of Self, Recollection, Religious Ecstasy, Revelation, Ritambharapragya, Shogo, Spiritual Emergence, Spiritual Emergency, Spiritual Marriage, Spiritual Psychosis, Spontaneous Alignment, Telepathy, Teleportation, The Family of Spirit, The Unity, Tolerance, Transcendence, Transformation, Transsubjectivity, Triumph of Spirit, Turn to the Left, Union, Union with God, Union with Reality, Unity, Warmth

Syncretic Terms Connection Outcome

Connection Outcome > Favours, Fruits of the Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit, Siddhi

List of Connection Obstacles

Connection Obstacles > Egotism, Fear, Hypocrisy, Interference, Passion, Resentment, Three Poisons, Toxic Attachment, Undisciplined Mind, Wrong Action, Wrong Environment, Wrong Thought

List of Connection Frameworks

Connection Framework > Arica School, Gnosticism, LP Connection Framework, Shattari, Sufism, Vedanta, Zen

List of Connection Practices

This is a multi-cultural list of connection practices. Research is included where available.

Connection Practice > Affirmation, Bornless Ritual, Cocooning, Detachment, Fasting, Flow Purification, Holotropic Breathwork, Hypnotism, Hypoventilation, Magic, Meditation, Mysticism of the Historical Event, Power Quest, Receptive Seeking, Relaxation, Spirit Canoe, The Method of the Lamp, Vajra Breath, Vision Quest, Visualization, Wicca, Writing, Yoga, Zazen

List of Connection Appliances

Connection Appliance > Bible, Drums, Quartz Crystals, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck, Triumph of Spirit Archetype System

List of Connection Supplements

Connection Supplement > Ayahuasca, Cannabis, Chloroform, DMT, Haoma, Kaneh Bosm, Kava, Ketamine, Kykeon, LSD, MDMA, Maikua, Manna, Nitrous Oxide, Peyote, Psilocybin Mushroom, Santa Rosa, Soma, Tobacco, Yaqona

Notable People who Have Experienced Connection

Mystics > Agehananda Bharati, Bernard of Clairvaux, Emanuel Swedenborg, Howard Thurman, Ibn al-'Arabi, Julian of Norwich, Maria Sabina, Michael Harner, Oscar Ichazo, Thomas Merton

Studying Connection

How to study connection?

Connection Account, Connection Literature

Connection Tools

Connection Tool > Connection Affirmation


"Religious experience, the mystic experience, the peack experience, and all paranormal experiences may have one thing in common. They are the encounters with consciousness as such..."[3]

Stace called mystical experience "a psychological fact of which there is abundant evidence." He further went on to say that, "To deny or doubt that it exists as a psychological fact is not a reputable opinion. It is ignorance and "very stupid." [4]

William Harmless in his study, Mystics (2008), quotes Gerson: “The saints use various names to describe these interior forms of experiential knowledge of God … They speak of contemplation, ecstasy, rapture, liquefaction, transformation, union, exultation. They talk of a jubilation beyond the spirit, of being taken into a divine darkness, of tasting God, of embracing the bridegroom, of kissing him, of being born of God, of obeying his word, of being brought into the divine cellars, of being drunk in a torrent of delight, of running into an odor of his perfumes, of hearing his voice, and entering into the bedroom, and of finding sleep and rest in peace in him”.[5]

The Western Catholic church has worked hard to contain connection within cloistered monastic walls, but according to Lossky,[6] mysticism and mystical experience, specifically union with God, has remained a more "in the open" goal of the Church, something even layman could achieve (p. 19).

Connection is important because, as William James says, they are the foundation from which religion emerges. As Bender notes, practitioners reassert and reinforce this basic "narrative," when they assert that is religious experience which drives them forward towards spiritual practice. [7]

John W. Nevin felt that Christianity was "grounded in the living union of the believer with the person of Christ." [8]

Connection is often (always?) initiated via an Intent to Connect of some sort.

Connection experiences are "pleasing in and of themselves, but they also have been said to eventuate in long term positive changes, such as increased creativity and insight; improved intellectual, emotional, perceptual, and physical functioning; a holistic perception of the world and the self; a sense of objective understanding and wisdom; a naturally arising moral and ethical sense; and an experience of inner peace and freedom" [9]

St. Teresa of Avila, a medieval mystic Christian Nun, felt that everybody could have mystical experiences. [10] Underhill notes everybody is capable of connection: "It is a natural human activity" requiring no special talent or ability.[11] Contemplative Consciousness

Connection leads to expansion of Consciousness into the body, i.e., increased Consciousness Quotient.

The LP Connection Framework provides guidance on how to prepare for and facilitate stronger Connection.

Awakening and improvements in Acknowledgment, Atonement, Alignment, Activation, and Ascension facilitate stronger connection.

Connections may be characterized along five Connection Axes.

Connection may be facilitated with Connection Supplements (where legal in your area) and Connection Practices

The opposite of Connection is Disconnection. Connection Supplements enable controlled and metered reconnection.

Think of connection in internet terms. Like your computer/device connects to a website 'server, so your little self connects to your Self, Highest Self, or some other monadic location in [The Fabric of Consciousness]]. Make sure you have the right "web" address before you connect.

Connection is the ostensible and overt goal of Authentic Spirituality.

The ability to connect with Consciousness is a natural ability of the Physical Unit. It is facilitated via proper Development of the Physical Unit, or when the physical unit is damaged, via the use of Connection Supplements designed to overcome the psychological and emotional damage of Toxic Socialization. In this regard, Huxley notes that the ability to connect (what he calls mystical union) is "as all the evidence seems to show, a state which man [sic], as man [sic], has always had it in his power to realize..." (PP). Further Connection (what Huxley refers to as "direct awareness of the 'eternally complete consciousness,') is a "possibility occasionally actualized by some human beings at almost any stage of their own personal development, from childhood to old age, and at any period of the race’s history."

Proper development of the physical unit includes a socialization process, satisfies all Seven Essential Needs, and that teaches, encourages, and facilitates Right Action, Right Thought, and Right Environment.

Connection is thwarted by Wrong Thought, Wrong Action, and Wrong Environment, all of which lead to Disjuncture, Disconnection, and Disconnection Pathology.

Connection may be visually represented with the Water Glass Metaphor.

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