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An Egoic Explosion is a negative outcome of Connection, a Nadir Experience. An Egoic explosion is a temporary or permanent collapse of the Bodily Ego. Egoic explosions occur when an individual experiences a Connection Event of an intensity, duration, quality, or content for which they are not prepared.

Nadir Experience Types

Nadir Experience > Dark Night of the Soul, Flooding, MEPF, Psychotic Mysticism, Schizophrenia, Spiritual Emergency, Spiritual Psychosis


Ego explosions occur when the "oxygen" of consciousness fills the "room" of the Physical Unit in a quality or quantity for which the Bodily Ego is not prepared. When a Connection is made, the fire of Consciousness lights up the room. If sparks from that fire contact the combustible detritus of toxic life experiences (i.e. ideology, fear, misconception, guilt, and shame), an ego explosion can result. The ego explosion can be minor and leave you slightly frazzled, or it can be massive and leave your bodily ego totally destroyed (e.g. schizophrenia).

Damage to the bodily ego arising from toxic life experiences increases the likelihood of experiencing ego explosion.

Ego explosions may be traumatic and require professional spiritual assistance.

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