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Human Development is the process of growth and change that leads, ideally, to the development of a fully functioning Physical Unit. Proper development requires Sufficient Satisfaction of one's Seven Essential Needs.

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Health development and full Connection of the physical unit is facilitated by a healthy Socialization process, while Dysfunction and Disconnection result from Toxic Socialization. A physical unit that has been damaged by Toxic Socialization must Heal before it can consistently connect.[1]

A healthy socialization process is one where all Seven Essential Needs are consistently met. A toxic socialization process is one that, accidentally or deliberately, undermines the functions of the physical unit, and its ability to connect.

Healthy Development

In order for a Physical Unit to grow up healthy and Connected, all Seven Essential Needs must be sufficiently met. When these needs are met, an individual grows up with an integrated Bodily Ego and Spiritual Ego, capable of connecting to Spiritual Ego or other locations in The Fabric. When all needs are met, the individual's sense of self is grounded and centred, their will is strong and sure, they are empowered to meet their own needs, express, and fulfil whatever purpose brought them into incarnation. In short, they enter into Growth Mode.


When the Seven Essential Needs are not met for whatever reason, individuals experience emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual distortions and enter into Defense Mode and/or Deficit Mode. In these pathological modes of operation, the Seven Essential Needs are transformed by defense and deficit into the Seven Toxic Needs.


A fully developed physical unit has the following measurable characteristics. A fully developed physical unit:

* displays emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical health.
* is creative, productive, driven by passion, and oriented towards the manifestation of Divine Will.
* is highly intelligent, though not always in the traditional sense that traditional [IQ] measures.
* has high Consciousness Quotient [CQ]


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