Divine Union

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Divine Union is a term used by St. Teresa of Avila to refer to the union of Spiritual Ego with Bodily Ego.[1]


Avila notes that union is something granted by "God" and that achieving union may be problematic because of "impurities" between "the source" and the individual. "This cannot be drunk directly from the source; and its course is never free from clogging impurities, so that it is neither so pure nor so clean as the other.[2] On the LP we see the choice to connect as an agreement between Bodily Ego and Spiritual Ego. Both must agree before Connection will occur, unless of course connection is forced with the use of Connection Supplements. On the LP we would see these impurities as Old Energy Archetypes and ideological corruptions (i.e., Wrong Thought) which clog and corrupted The Flow.

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