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Union is syncretic term for Connection in general, and Completion Experience specfically. Union refers to the union between Bodily Ego and Spiritual Ego that occurs in an individual who has achieved Perfection.

Syncretic Terms

Ascension > Altered State of Consciousness, Beatific Vision, Descent to the Chariot, Divine Union, Ecstasy, Gifts of the Spirit, It, Perfect Contemplation, Spiritual Marriage, The Unity, Union, Union with Reality

Related Concepts

Ascended Space, Authentic Spirituality, Bodily Ego, Connection Experience, Connection Outcome, Connection Pathology, Connection Supplement, Highest Self, Integration, LP Connection Framework, Spiritual Ego, The Work, Zenith Experience


Union may be temporary, in which case it may be referred to as a Connection Experience (i.e. union experience) or more permanent, in which case it is likely the consequence of Perfection.