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List of Connection Obstacles

Connection Obstacles > Egotism, Fear, Hypocrisy, Interference, Passion, Resentment, Three Poisons, Toxic Attachment, Undisciplined Mind


Through all this time, however, Oona felt a heaviness in her heart. She said, "Mother, I have not dreamed. I cannot dream...." Mother said, "They will come. Then you will know. It is because you are fearful now that the dreams do not come.[1]

St. Teresa of Avila notes that the sometimes intentional and sometimes ignorant imposition of fear, blocks access and prevents people from practicing Connecion Techniques, like prayer."Cease, as I have said, to have fear where no fear is; if any one attempts to frighten you, point out the road40 to him in all humility."[2]

Tolstoy notes that fear of the unknown is a driver of disjuncture. He quotes Herzen, who refers to both fear and Disjuncture. Here, the pain of disjuncture is the motivation to overcome fear, pierce through Hypocristy, and move towards Alignment: "If you are content with the old world, try to preserve it, it is very sick and cannot hold out much longer. But if you cannot bear to live in everlasting dissonance between your beliefs and your life, thinking one thing and doing another, get out of the mediaeval whited sepulchers, and face your fears. I know very well it is not easy.[3]


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