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Flooding is a Connection Outcome, a type of Nadir Experiene that occurs when a naive, experienced, or emotionally/psychologically damaged user of Connection Supplements is overwhelmed by a sudden, "uncontrollable," flow of thought, memory, and image

Nadir Experience Types

Nadir Experience > Dark Night of the Soul, Flooding, MEPF, Psychotic Mysticism, Schizophrenia, Spiritual Emergency, Spiritual Psychosis


As Cortright notes[1], "Most people think of spiritual growth as safe. The spiritual path may not be easy, but it is usually not considered dangerous. However, the world's spiritual traditions all warn about different dangers along the way, the “perils of the path.” New and expanded states of consciousness can overwhelm the ego. An infusion of powerful spiritual energies can flood the body and mind, fragmenting the structures of the self and temporarily incapacitating the person until they can be assimilated."

William and Janet C’de Baca note of individuals who have experienced "mystical quantum changes" (what we would define as an intense connection with profound content) are overwhelmed by the experiences. They "flood the person's thinking and feeling processes in such an intense manner that it is though the person is being redesigned."[2]

Flooding is an observed risk when using high potency Connection Supplements[3]. "Imagine the dilemma of the LSD subject whose cortex is suddenly turned on to a much higher voltage, who suddenly discovers his brain spinning at the speed of light, flooded by those 100 million sensations a second. Most of the awe and reverent wonder stems from this confrontation with an unsuspected range of consciousness, the tremendous acceleration of images, the shattering insight into the narrowness of the learned as opposed to the potentiality of awareness, the humbling sense of where one's ego is in relationship to the total energy field."[4]

Flooding can, in rare circumstances, lead to panic attacks, Ego Explosion, Ego Bloating, and can exacerbate underlying psychological and emotional issues.

Additional comments on flooding provided here.


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