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Trance is a term syncretic with Connection, particularily one that feels notably different from one's normal state of Consciousness.

Syncretic Terms

Connection > Altered State of Consciousness, Channeling, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Divine Marriage, Divine Union, Drawing Down the Moon, It, Lightning Strike, Mystical Experience, Mysticism, Perfect Contemplation, Shamanic State of Consciousness, Spiritual Marriage, Starlight Vision, The Dreaming, The Unity, Trance, Union, Union with Reality


"The word trance as used in this book means a state of altered consciousness as gained through great concentration. The transcending occurs when your consciousness has moved from I the Body into I the Soul."[1]

Entering into trance is entering into a form of receptivity.


  1. Stevens, Petey. Opening up to Your Psychic Self. Nevertheless Press, 1983.