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Liberation is a term used in certain Vedic texts. Liberation refers to liberation from the things that block us, confuse us, and prevent us from pursuing and making Connection. Liberation results in a turn towards the pursuit of authentic connection with Highest Self[1].

Syncretic Terms

Permanent Connection > Liberation, Nirvana, Plateau Experience, Ritambharapragya


In the Vedic literature, liberation from samsara is the end goal of spiritual practice, and not connection, as I would say.Conceiving of the ultimate goal of human spirituality as liberation instead of connection is extremely confusing. This is not because the concept is without merit, but because the concept is often used as synonymous with, or as a drop in placement for the idea of, connection, which is it is not. Why do we need liberation? It is so we can focus on, learn about, and practice Connection. What do we need liberation from? We need liberation from the things that distract us, block us, or confuse us about connection. We need liberation from ignorance, illusion, and self-delusion (samsara). We need liberation from our addictions. We need liberation from our own Awareness Reduction Mechanisms. We need liberation from our attachment to human drama. We need liberation from overconcern with sparkly rocks. We need liberation from a bother with power and status. Liberation is extremely important because only when we achieve liberation will we work, with persistence and discipline, on connection. Liberation is important, but it only a step along The Path to Connection.

"Liberation is achieved not by observances or by analysis, nor by deeds or learning, but only by the realisation of one's oneness with God, and by no other means. The beauty of a lute and skill in playing its cords can bring some pleasure to people but can hardly make you a king. In the same way, speech alone, even a deluge of words, with scholarship and skill in commenting on the scriptures, may achieve some personal satisfaction but not liberation."[2]


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