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The term Fabric of Consciousness is a term coined by Michael S. in 2003 while writing The Book of Light. The term is a non-denominational and syncretic representation of the sum total of Consciousness as it exists. The Tree of Lights that appears on the cover of volume one of The Book of Light is a visual representation of the Fabric of Consciousness and the trillions of instantiated Monads that make it up.

Syncretic Terms

Fabric of Consciousness > Absolute Mind, Adhi Buddha, Ain Soph Aur, Al-Haqq, Allah, Blazing Star, Brahmic Splendor, Center, Crown, First Mover, Formless, God, GodHead, Great Being, Great Breath, Great Light, Great Self, Hunab Ku, Immortal Spirit, Ineffable Light, Kether, Mind at Large, Nirguna Brahman, Oversoul, Para Brahman, Primal Self, Primum Mobile, Spirit, Supreme, The Lord, The Old One, The Power and the Glory, Ultimate Supreme, Universal Being, Universal Self, Wakan Tanka, Wuji


The Fabric of Consciousness represents the sum total of all instantiated Monads that exist as "points of Light" within the unfolding Fabric of Consciousness.

The Fabric of Consciousness represents the manifest universe as an unfolding of Consciousness.

The Cabbalistic Tree of Life is an attempt to visually represent the Unfolding of Consciousness/Unfolding/Emanation of Consciousness

The Cabbalah presents consciousness in three states, Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur

The concept provides for a non-hierarchical and authority free conceptualization of Spirit. The tree like structure and the expansion of monads towards the bottom represents the expansion of number as The Fabric unfolds from Source, and nothing more. Unlike Old Energy spiritualities which posit some kind of "executive force," The Fabric of Consciousness provides for an egalitarian representation of the creative forces of this universe. It is not simply that we are all equal in the eyes of God, it is that we are all the Eyes of God. We are all intensification of God Light within the cosmic tapestry/Fabric of Consciousness (Sharp, 2006).

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