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The Physical Unit is the physical body.

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Non-LP Related Terms

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Syncretic Terms

Physical Unit > Physical Vesture, Temple of the Holy Spirit, The Body, The Body of Christ, The Vessel


The physical unit consists of the body. The body includes the brain and CNS since the brain and CND provide the biological/neurological foundations for "mind" and Bodily Ego, when we say the physical unit we mean the body and the mind which emerges from the neurological activities of the body.

The physical body consists of hardware and software. The hardware of the physical unit consists of the bones, muscles, blood vessels, and cells of the body. The software consists of a) the "autonomous" algorithmic programs (e.g., instincts) that keep the body operating, and provide instinctual guidance and defence and b) the Bodily Ego, which can be likened to the body's Artificial Intelligence.

The phrase Physical Unit (PU) refers to the physical body, specifically as it functions as a container for Monadic Consciousness. The physical unit consists of the physical body itself and the mind that emerges as a consequence of the neurological and quantum operations that occur inside the nervous system of the physical unit.

The Physical Unit is a vessel designed specifically to allow [[Consciousness] (Spiritual Ego)) to survive, thrive, experience, and create within physical creation.

The Physical Unit has a “dual consciousness” consisting of a Bodily Ego and a Spiritual Ego.

The physical unit is a container for Consciousness. "The belief, the knowledge, and even the experience that our physical world of the senses is a mere illusion, a world of shadows, and that the three-dimensional tool we call our body serves only as a container or dwelling place for Something infinitely greater and more comprehensive than the body and which constitutes the matrix of the real life--this surely is the most powerful idea man [sic] has ever concieved.[1]

The physical unit's prime directives are to survive and thrive, both of which require the Seven Essential Needs be met.

The Physical Unit refers to your physical body and all its various

structures (e.g. brain, hippocampus, heart, skin, neurons, etc.),
functions (e.g. Survival, Connection, and Expression) and
energy flows

that create a living vehicle capable of containing Consciousness.

The physical unit contains a Bodily Ego that properly nurtured, healthy, and supportive, is, a reflection of Spiritual Ego/Highest Self.

The PU may be conceptualized as a manifestation device, or a device designed to allow Consciousness to express within and manipulate the physical universe. As such, the physical unit was designed as a vehicle capable of expressing all Facets of Consciousness within the confines of the Physical Universe.

Development is the process of protecting, nurturing, and supporting the physical unit so it can contain high levels of Monadic Consciousness. Proper development requires satisfaction of the Seven Essential Needs

Using archetypes provided by the TOSAS, we may say that the goal of human development is a strong, powerful, fully emancipated, fully connected, fully functioning physical unit.

Ideally one wishes to manifest inside a fully developed, healthy, and fully functioning physical unit. Toxic Socialization and a violent and abusive system prevent proper development, disconnect, and damage the physical unit. Damage occurs to the PU through accidental or deliberate trauma, abuse, and neglect. Damage causes disconnection and lowers the CQ of the physical unit and leads Pathology from which the individual must heal.


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