Triumph of Spirit

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The Triumph of Spirit is a Lightning Path term that refers to the individual Reconnection of Bodily Ego with Spiritual Ego and the collective, planet-wide reconnection that occurs near the end of Stage Six of a planet's evolutionary process.

Syncretic Terms

Perfection > Al-Insan al-Kamil, Arhat, Cosmic Man, Final Fulfilment, Perfect Contemplation, Perfected One, Redemption, Siddhi, The Unity, Tikkun, Triumph of Spirit

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Triumph of Spirit >

Non-LP Related Terms

Triumph of Spirit >


The Triumph of Spirit occurs when Bodily Ego connects with and successfully maintains a pure and persistent connection with Spiritual Ego.

The Triumph of Spirit is a process. In order to achieve it one must Heal, practice Connection, and ground and Integrate until Perfection is realized.