Descent of the Holy Spirit

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Descent of the Holy Spirit is the Christian's conceptualization of the nature of Connection. When a Christian experience a Connection Event, and when that Connection Event is powerful (such as a Connection Experience), they often interpret the liminality as a descent of the Holy Spirit.

Syncretic Terms

Connection > Altered State of Consciousness, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Divine Marriage, Divine Union, Drawing Down the Moon, It, Lightning Strike, Mysticism, Shamanic State of Consciousness, Starlight Vision, The Dreaming, Trance, Union


Xolani Kacela: " might perceive mystical experience as God reaching out to humanity and the embodied changes of sensation, mood, and experience as response to the divine. As the Holy Spirit descends upon us, ordinary experience is transformed into mystical experience, and we become one with the Spirit." [1]


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