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The following brief cases will make this clear [121 : 586]: Dr. George Wyld says (upon taking chloroform): “I suddenly experienced the extraordinary impression that my spiritual being stood visibly outside my body, regarding that deserted body lying on the bed.Shortly afterward I called on three different professional chloroformists and asked them if any of their subjects had ever experienced sensations like my own. In reply one gentleman said : ‘I have often heard patients express similar ideas.’ Another said : ‘I myself have experienced on three occasions, when under chloroform, exactly similar sensations.’ And the third gentleman said : ‘My patients have often said that they experienced no pain, but felt as if they saw with their inner eye all I was doing during the operations. I was told of a patient who said, after anesthesis : ‘I thought I had got at the bottom of the secrets of nature.’ And a dentist told me that many of his patients had experienced similar sensations to those I described.”

The late John Addington Symonds described his sensations (while under the influence of chloroform) thus : “I seemed at first in a state of utter blankness; then came flashes of intense light, alternating with blankness and with a keen vision of what was going on in the room round me, but no sensation of touch. I thought that I was near death, when suddenly my soul became aware of God, who was manifestly dealing with me, handling me, so to speak, in an intense personal present reality. I felt Him streaming in like light upon me and heard Him saying in no language, but as hands touch hands and communicate sensations : ‘I led thee; I guided thee; you will never sin and weep and wail in madness any more; for now you have seen Me.’ My whole consciousness seemed brought into one point of absolute conviction; the independence of my mind from my body was proved by the phenomena of this acute sensibility to spiritual facts, this utter dead-ness of the senses. Life and death seemed mere names.” … Symonds adds: “I cannot describe the ecstasy I felt, “ and, referring to his experience and its psychological evidence, says : “If this had happened to a man in an uncritical age would it not have carried conviction, like that of Saul of Tarsus, to his soul?”[1]


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