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Perfection describes a state bodily existence whereby an individual is healed, Aligned, and fully Connected to their own Spiritual Ego.

Syncretic Terms

Perfection > Al-Insan al-Kamil, Arhat, Cosmic Man, Final Fulfilment, Perfect Contemplation, Perfected One, Redemption, Ritambharapragya, Siddhi, The Unity, Tikkun, Triumph of Spirit, Triumph of Spirit Archetypes, Triumph of Spirit Narrative

Related LP Terms

Perfection > Bodily Ego, Connection Framework, Divine World Order, Perfect Connection, Perfected One, Spiritual Ego

Non-LP Related Terms

Perfection > Bodhisattva, Holy Grail, Purification


Perfection is a state of the body, not the Spiritual Ego. The spiritual ego (a.k.a. the soul) is already perfect. It needs no earthly tutelage. OTOH the Physical Unit (a.k.a. the body) does need work, not because it can't handle the spiritual ego, but because it has been exposed to a Toxic Socialization process that has left it dysfunctional, diseased, and disconnected.

Perfection is the outcome of Healing, Alignment, and Connection Practice.

A Connection Framework provides institutional supports for healing and reconnection.

Perfection is a goal of Yoga.[1]

The LP Connection Framework provides a rubric for achieving perfection.

In esoteric and exoteric religious traditions, the notion of perfection is often corrupted and cast as part of the Fool in School archetype, which says we need to suffer, meet challenge, and learn lessons in order to achieve perfection. "...perfection is indeed the goal of every human life but that it may take many lifetimes to achieve...Failing to reach full realization in this life doesn't damn you to perdition; it simply means you'll have to come back again and again until you get it right."[2]


Maria Sabina, a Mazatac Wise One/Shaman, after many years of connection practice, claims perfection. "I had attained perfection. I was no longer a simple apprentice. For that, as a prize, as a nomination, the Book had been granted me. When one takes the saint children, one can see the Principal Ones. Otherwise not.[3]

"In treading the Path, the Sufi ascends until perfection is reached, and in the perfect sain, God and [individual ego] become one again. Abd Al-Kaim Jili [4]

The "perfect man" is a concept in Islam referring to someone who has "purified" the self from ailments, complexes, ignorance, deviations, etc. [5]


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