On the LP, Perfection is a word used to describe a state of existence whereby an individual is fully aligned, fully Activated, and consequently perfectly and permanently Connected to their own Highest Self. When one has perfected the Physical Unit, one is capable of strong, pure, and persistance Connection.

Related Terms

Bodily Ego, Purification, Spiritual Ego

Syncretic Terms

Perfection > Al-Insan al-Kamil, Arhat, Perfected One, Redemption, Siddhi, Tikkun, Triumph of Spirit


Perfection is the outcome of Healing, Alignment, and the practice and refinement of Connection the occurs over the course of many repeated Connection Experiences.

The LP Connection Framework provides a rubric for thinking about and practicing the requirements of aligned connection.

"In treading the Path, the Sufi ascends until perfection is reached, and in the perfect sain, God and [individual ego] become one again. Abd Al-Kaim Jili [1]

The "perfect man" is a concept in Islam referring to someone who has "purified" the self from ailments, complexes, ignorance, deviations, etc. [2]

In Christianity, the concept of perfection refers mostly to alignment.

Maria Sabina, a Mazatac Wise One/Shaman, after many years of connection practice, claims perfection. "I had attained perfection. I was no longer a simple apprentice. For that, as a prize, as a nomination, the Book had been granted me. When one takes the saint children, one can see the Principal Ones. Otherwise not.[3]

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