Archetype Deck

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An Archetype Deck (formerly a Tarot deck) is a collection of archetypes presented as images. Archetype decks are typically accompanied with descriptions of the archetypes designed to help insert/implant them into an individual's consciousness.


Tarot decks are examples of archetypes decks. Calling a tarot deck an archetype deck makes more intuitive and logical sense.

Archetype decks can be broken down into two separate categories, Old Energy archetype decks, and New Energy archetype decks.

Old energy archetype decks may be identified by the presence of The Fool, Judgment, and Devil archetypes.

New energy archetype decks may be identified by the absence said archetypes and the presence of [[The Calling], Joyful, and The Universe archetypes, to name just a few.

Further Reading

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