Existential Terrors

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Existential Terrors are deep and overpowering fears of worthlessness, unworthiness, and rejection, especially when accompanied by erroneous and paranoid perceptions of the universe as toxic and malignant. Existential terrors are a type of Nadir Experience, and a possible outcome of Connection.

Nadir Experience Types

Nadir Experience > Connection Psychosis, Dark Night of the Soul, Egoic Collapse, Egoic Explosion, Flooding, Psychotic Mysticism


Existential terrors sometimes occur during Connection, especially when Consciousness is filtered through a Physical Unit riddled with Wrong Thought, embedded in Wrong Environment, and engaged in Wrong Action.

Existential terror distorts and ultimately blocks connection, sometimes scaring people so much that they never attempt a connection again.

The roots of existential terror are religious and to be found wherever punishment (i.e., karma, damnation, sin, defilement, etc.) and violence are taught as a spiritual precept.

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