Connection Account

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A Connection Account is somebody’s verbal or written account of their own, or somebody else's, connection experience. Connection accounts always include an actual description of connection, and they usually include some indication of the Connection Outcomes that resulted.

Researching Connection

Connection Account, Connection Literature


Connection accounts are peppered throughout the spiritual literature of this planet. They are often taken as signs of spiritual legitimacy and spiritual wisdom by naive individuals.

Connection accounts provide one avenue researchers can use to investigate Connection and Connection Experience.

Caution must be exercised when considering an individual's connection account, and the claims they make, especially when mental illness is involved. Connection experiences are common and easy to induce,[1][2] and even people with mental illness can experience significant experiences, and even relatively permanent connection.[3] Assuming an individual is being honest and is not engaged in a fanciful construction, a connection experience (or two, or three, etc.) indicates only that a connection experience has occurred. It cannot be used to verify the emotional or mental health of an individual, nor can it be used as an indication that an individual is spiritually knowledgeable or wise.


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