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The phrase Lightning Strike is a metaphorical representation of the flash of inspiration/insight that occurs when a disconnected individual makes a sudden, brief, and often unexpected Connection to Consciousness. It is a common metaphor used to describe the dramatic illumination, insight, and enlightenment that is the outcome of a powerful Connection Event.


Depending on the nature of the insight, the depth of an individual's disconnection, and the quality of Archetypes, the strike can be experienced in a positive (zenith) or negative (nadir) fashion.

In Jewish Mysticism, lightning is represented on the Tree of Life as the will of God.

"Now pertaining to the cosmos— [Brahman is seen as] satisfaction in rain, as power in lightning..."[1]

R.M. Bucke describes his single Connection Experience by suggesting it was a "momentary lightning-flash of... Brahmic Splendor." [2]

Later on, he says "The instantaneousness of the illumination is one of its most striking features; it can be compared with nothing so well as with a dazzling flash of lightning in a dark night, bringing the landscape which had been hidden into clear view."[3]

Jacques Hadamard relates the account of Gauss who describes his insight and sudden solution to a problem as a "sudden flash of lightning."[4]

In the book Quantum Change, several individuals use the phrase "lightning" and "lightning bolt" to describe their connection experiences.[5]


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The Lightning strike down the Tree of Life is a cabalistic representation of the Emanation of Creation from Ain

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