Healthy Socialization

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Healthy Socialization is a socialization intentionally designed to support the healthy development and full Connection of the Physical Unit.

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Healthy Socialization > Stages of Human Development, Toxic Socialization

Related Terms

Healthy Socialization > Stages of Human Development, Toxic Socialization


Currently, no culture on the planet implements a healthy socialization process. All extant socialization systems are Toxic Socialization.

Grof makes some comments on the benefits of healthy socialization: "I have friends who had children in the late sixties and early seventies and who applied some of their changed views to the way they brought up their children. Things like not punishing their children when they made mistakes, but trying to help understand; providing an environment in which there was the opportunity for greater emotional closeness; treating them as young human beings rather than dumb babies. Their children have grown up to be mentally healthy, well-balanced adults. They are now having their own families, and are treating their children in a similar way--or often in an even better way, for their awareness of these issues is usually much greater than that of their parents. The result is some of the most remarkable, bright, kind, caring, aware young people I have ever met." [1]


Built to be kind short film


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