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The Default Mode Network is that part of the brain most impacted by Connection Supplements. The DMN consists of the forebrain, cortical regions, and inner thalamus and hypothalamus. The DMN itself is the neurological substrate of the Bodily Ego.


"The Default Mode Network is called “default” because it is the default activity mode of the brain. Brain structures associated with the DMN become active when you are absent of action, i.e. absent of goal directed behavior—when you are doing nothing, basically. When you are doing something like solving a math problem, driving a car, making breakfast, etc., the DMN is in a quiescent state. However, when your mental states are “undirected,” the DMN fires up. The DMN shows “persistent brain activity that is as vigorous as that when individuals solve externally administered math problems” (Sosteric, SA1).

"Recent research suggests that the DMN is that part of the brain associated with what Freud would have called your Ego and what I would call, for reasons that become clear in my paper The Science of Ascension, your Bodily Ego. The DMN includes the medial prefrontal regions (MPFC) which are associated with self-referential processing (i.e. thinking about yourself). The DMN shows activity when one takes a first-person centered perspective and when one is alert and self-aware. More generally, the DMN is set of specific brain regions involved in “self-cognition”, idiographic memory, speculation about the future, explorative inner thought, and metacognitive activities such as self-reflection" (Sosteric, SA1).

Further Reading

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