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TOSAS Responsibility Card

Responsibility (a.k.a. Jupiter) is a Lightning Path archetype used to describe the importance of taking responsibility for Creation and all aspects within one's purview. Responsibility is rooted in our identity as divine sparks of consciousness, and our unity and oneness in The Fabric of Consciousness. Because we are sparks of creator consciousness (i.e. God with a big 'G'), there are no limits to our responsibility. Our responsibility starts with our individual Physical Unit, extends to our children and parents, and passes into societies, cultures, economies, and all aspects of creation. There is nothing on this planet, or in this universe, for which we are not responsible.

Note that this is not to say that you personally are responsible for all aspects of creation. It is to say that we, taken together, are responsible. The best outcomes become possible only when "we" take collective responsibility.

Responsibility is an Archetype Card in the TOSAS deck that visually represents responsibility as an energetic sword of balance. The sword cuts away extraneous consideration and gets to the nub of the matter, which is to protect and uplift all of creation.

Responsibility replaces the Old Energy Justice archetype.

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